Crystals and Cleansing

All Crystals absorb energy. We must always cleanse our crystals to get rid of all negative or unwanted energy. You must also remember that cleansing will also get rid of any programming or charging you have set as an intention towards the crystal. It is best to cleanse your crystals before using them as others may have passed on their own energy to the crystal.

Crystals should be cleansed regularly. Whether that's through setting a routine when to cleanse, or when you feel that the energy in the crystals has been depleted. 

Ways to cleanse and charge your crystals:

There are many ways to cleanse your crystals. It is up to you and your crystals as to how you will decide to cleanse them.


The most common way to cleanse your crystals is by purifying them with salt. You may submerge the crystals in salt or make a mixture of salt and water and submerge your crystals*. Both methods are an overnight process.


Using the smoke from smudging sticks** or incense is another way of cleansing your crystals. you may smoke cleanse your crystals as is or do this while you meditate. 


Moonlight is a powerful way to cleanse AND charge your crystals. The most effective Moons for this is the full moon and New moons. Leave your crystal out safely at sunset in the moonlight and collect in the morning. 


Sunlight is another powerful way to cleanse AND charge your crystals. Leave your crystal out safely at sunrise and collect at dusk. You must be careful with which crystals are able to be let in the sunlight as some may fade and break or set alight due to magnifying. 


Vibration can be great to clear the crystals old energy. Methods include singing bowls, tuning forks or chakra meditation sounds. 


You may also be able to cleanse crystals with your own energy and can be a  universally safe method on your crystals. To do this, hold the crystal in both hands and focus on it. Visualise a white light encompassing the crystals until it's all surrounded. Stop one all of the stored energy has then dissolved and the crystal is cleansed. 

Other Crystals:

There are few crystals that can cleanse one another. Selenite is a great self-cleansing crystal. When you surround yourself with other crystals, they will be cleansed. Clear quartz is another crystal that can cleanse your crystals.

*When working with crystals, make sure that the crystal is able to be submerged in water as this may destroy them. Research which crystals will be destroyed if submerged. 

**Please be advised that white sage is a closed practice and please do your research about which Smudging sticks can be used.