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Crystal Dictionary

It can be difficult to remember all the benefits of crystals, But fear not! Charming crystal magic is here to help. All crystals that are displayed on the website can be found here


Chakra:  Crown

 - Acceptance to one's self 

- improve concentration

 - truthfulness

 - overcome bitterness in the heart


Chakra: Throat & Heart
- Soothing Stone

-  calms the brain and nerves.
- soothes emotional trauma

- alleviates worry and stress


Chakra: Throat & Heart
- Soothing Stone

-  calms the brain and nerves.
- soothes emotional trauma

- alleviates worry and stress



Chakra: Crown

- Guards against psychic attack

- blocks stress and negative environment energies

- Helps with cleansing 

- Enhances spiritual awareness. 

Amethyst (Pink)

Chakra: Heart

- Soothing feelings

- Enhances the energy of love to Amethyst 

- Peace, warmth and harmony enhanced by Pink Amethyst


Chakra: Crown, Third eye & throat 

- Helps attune to a higher frequency 

- Meditation tool

- Powerful for communication

- Helps with speaking the truth

Aventurine (Green)

Chakra: Crown, Heart

- attractor of luck

- release old habits, patterns and disappointments

- helps bring optimism

- Enhances one's creativity and motivation


Chakra: Crown, Heart & Throat

- Crystal of courage. 

- Helps reduce stress

- Calms the mind 

- Helps gives you clarity


Chakra: Base/root

- Give you courage

- Calms the mind

- Dispels confusions

- Helps with grounding   



Chakra: Sacral and base/root

- Protecting one's environment.

- Help bring determination back into your life.

- help boost confidence

- Aids in grounding and decision making. 


Chakra: Sacral and base/root

- Energizing stone

- Vibrant motivator

- Alleviates stage fright

- Creativity boosting power



Chakra: Solar Plexus 

- cleanser, regenerator and never needs cleansing

- absorbs, transmute, dissipates, and grounds negative energy.

- Enhances concentration

- Raises self-esteem and self-confidence.

- Excellent for energizing and recharging. 

Clear Quartz

Chakra: Crown

- Powerful for healing

- Energy amplifier

- Absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy.

- Aids in concentration

- Helps unlocks memories. 


Chakra: Heart

- Strengthens the heart's emotions

- Mental enhancement

- Eliminates negativity

- Encourages honesty



Chakra: Crown

- Helpful for visualising

- Improve communication

- Balancing

- Grounding


Goldstone (Red)

Chakra: Base/Root

- Encourages positive attitudes

- ‘uplifting stone’

- Helps drive your motivation

- Helps seeking higher levels of calmness.

Howlite (white)

Chakra: Crown

- Emotional healing.

- Opens your mind to fresh ideas 

- Sends vibrations directly resonating with one's root to crown chakra

 - Attune the mind to higher consciousness

- Offering a subtle grounding effect. 



Chakra: Heart

- Healing powerhouse

 - Helps with health and prosperity.

- Wonderful growth crystal 

- excellent for dream work


Jasper (dragons blood)

Chakra: Heart, Sacral

- Helps understand our thoughts

- strong connections to the heart 

- Grounding

- centring during meditation

- Stimulus for creative thinking

- Spiritual growth and self-love 

Lapis Lazuli

Chakra: Crown, Third eye & throat

- the stone of truth and knowledge.

- Help enhance your self-awareness

- Help clear stale energy

- provides protection from negative energy


Lemon Chrysophase

Chakra: Heart

- Helps keep your mind alert

- Enhances your perception

- Encourages the feeling of trust and security

- Releases emotional tension and stress

- Good meditation aid

- Release past hurt


Chakra: Crown, Third eye & Heart

- Help with self-growth

- Help become in touch with your emotions within the dream realm

- Known as the 'jumpstart stone'

- Aids learning and studying

- helps cope with change


Chakra: heart & solar plexus

- Great for creating a 'cloak of invisibility'

- Open the heart and allow balance on all levels

- Stone of transformation

- Healing on a physical and emotional level


Moss agate

Chakra: heart 

- Brings closer to mother earth

- Healing stone

- Encourages us to explore self-expression

- Helps with making friends

- Helps release trapped emotions

Obsidian (black)

Chakra: Base/Root

- Helps ground the soul and spirit

- Helps protect and repels negativity

- Increased self-control


Obsidian (Green)

Chakra: Heart

- Helps with emotional healing

- Helps protects against negativity

- Can help with feelings of being 'stuck in a rut' 

Obsidian (Snowflake)

Chakra: Third eye & Root

- Ability to keep us grounded

- Helps used to break bad habits

- When used in meditation, can show you past lives

Onyx Dyed (Pink)

Chakra: Heart

- Helps with balancing your emotions

- Helps remind you to be receptive to your intuition

- Can also help you see the difference between information, knowledge and wisdom. 

Opal (white)

Chakra: Third eye

- Enhances cosmic consciousness

- Helps strengthen mystical and psychic visions

- Encourages you to express your 'True self'


Chakra: Crown

- Man-made stone

- Great for meditating with

- Clear thinking and helps whenever you are feeling 'out of balance' 

- Aids in spiritual communication

Rainbow fluorite

Chakra: All

- Enhance mental clarity

- Helps assist in clearing away negative energy

- Known as a 'psychic vacuum cleaner'.


Rainbow Moonstone

Chakra: All

- Strong connection to the spiritual world.

- Getting in touch with your emotions

- Connects with one’s emotional body and current mental state

Rose Quartz

Chakra: Heart

- Draws off negative energy replaces it with loving vibes

- Releases unexpressed emotions and heartache

- Encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance

- Invokes self-trust and self-worth

- Brings positive affirmations

Ruby in Fuchsite

Chakra: Heart & Base/root

- Offers strong emotional support and self-reflection during difficult times.

- Gives endless amounts of courage and strength.

- Gives relaxing and nourishing vibrations

- This enhances our ability to communicate with the spirit realm. 


Chakra: Crown & third eye

- Works for clearing the mind

- Opening the crown chakra

- Form of protection

- Instilled deep peace


(Disclaimer: All information provided has been researched, crystals will vary in size)

Smoky Quartz

Chakra: Solar plexus, Sacral & Base/root

- Great for clarity of mind

- Help with opening your crown chakra

- Great form of protection

- Stabilise of erratic emotions. 



Chakra: Throat

- Purifying crystal

- Enhance creativity

- Promotes logic

- Inspire a honest and objective sense of self 

Strawberry Quartz

Chakra: Heart

- Helps attract new people into your life

- Helps you feel positive when around

- Gives off powerful soothing energies

- Helps amplifies one's love


Chakra: Sacral

- Brings light and energy

- Connection to light and regenerative powers of the sun

- Lifts mood, gets rid of repressed emotions

- Beneficial for tie-cutting

Tigers Eye

Chakra: Solar Plexus

- 'Protective stone'

- Helps assist in accomplishing goals

- Promotes clarity

- Tiger's eye heals issues of self-worth, self-criticism, and blocked creativity


Tourmaline (Black)

Chakra: Root

- Strengthens the immune system

- Not only heals the body but protects it too

- Clearing negativity and cleansing your aura 

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